The NDIS is a National  Disability Insurance Scheme that provides funding to people living with disability so that they can get more time to spend with their loved ones, become more independent, volunteer in their community, improve their life quality, and access new jobs and skills. This insurance scheme also connects any person living with a disability to services in their respective communities. These services include connecting to community groups, doctors, sporting clubs, schools, support groups, and libraries. They also offer them information on the support they can get depending on their state.


What Should One Know About NDIS Employment Services

If your NDIS plan has an employment-related goal or you are on the insurance scheme working or offering voluntary services, you can get all the employment support you need from NDIS employment services. Whether you want to earn more, find a job, learn new skills, or get a  better employment opportunity, you can always count on them. However, there is a thing or two that you need to know about NDIS employment services before you get started. Some of them include the following;


  • How the NDIS employment services work

Achieving career goals is a very long journey for everyone, including those with disabilities. NDIS employment services usually cover your employment journey when preparing for the job. Even when you get the job, they will still offer their support to ensure you have a successful career and make the right decisions. Their main roles in this journey include helping  and supporting you to;

  • Identify and develop your career
  • Transition to work
  • Get and keep your job
  • Plan your career
  • Get on-the-job assistance as you work in a company or field of your choice


  • Who is eligible for NDIS employment services?

It is also essential for you to know who can be eligible for the NDIS employment services to find out if you are an eligible participant. Fortunately, the NDIS plan is more flexible today and includes people working in different workplaces, including social enterprises, micro-businesses, private and government employers, and self-employment. Therefore, anyone in the NDIS plan who wishes to work in the above workplaces can access the employment support they need. There are many jobs for disabled by Busy Ability that they can take advantage of.


Types of NDIS Employment Services

Those in the NDIS employment plan can get any of the following support from the NDIS employment services;


  • Workplace assistance

People with disabilities need all the support and help they need to build their employment or career pathway. Since they also have employment goals and career goals, the NDIS employment services offer them workplace assistance so that they can solve any employment or career-related mystery they have. This helps them discover their career paths, manage any complex career and employment barriers they encounter, plan their career, and customise their job. With the workplace assistance they get from the NDIS employment services, they can succeed in their jobs and careers.


  • Support in employment

Some people living with a disability require specialised supported employment services that they get from NDIS services. This is because their disability hinders them from working independently on their tasks. In such a case, the NDIS employment services ensure that these individuals get all the assistance they need, additional funding for coaching to stay focused, get job customisation and get assistance with communication. The employment service also offers other services like;

  • The assessment of the impact of your illness or disability on your work or career
  • On-the-job training program
  • Personal care at work and support worker to help with mobility
  • Help with employment tasks
  • Support when one needs to manage complex needs


  • School leaver employment support

If you are a school leaver on the NDIS plan, you also get help while transitioning from school until you get settled in a job. The NDIS employment service helps these individuals find working opportunities, develop skills, build confidence and understand their capabilities.