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Not sure what to make of the snail renewal cream or the placenta serum?
Check the customer reviews to find out what others thought!

beauteous® PlaGold Cream

Really highly recommended creams for the skin face.
The first time I tried this cream, when my husband returned from NZ and he brought me this cream on september 2014.

Before i try this cream, my skin becomes dry because wrong of cosmetics and slightly oily that's why my face have acne. But after i used this cream, twice a day, my face becomes more supple, toned, soft, free from acne and brighter.

REALLY HAPPY. I LOVE beauteous® PlaGold Cream. Thank you for my lovely husband because you bring me this cream. Now i buy for the second jar of beauteous® PlaGold Cream and i also buy beauteous® PlaToux Ampoules and beauteous® PlaGold Essence

beauteous® PlaToux Ampoules

I received these as a gift from a friend who has used them for about a year for her wrinkles. I have quite deep forehead and smile lines and wanted to improve the way they looked. I've never used placenta products before but I need not have worried. The serum goes on very smoothly and is absorbed very quickly - smells great, too. I started noticing that the lines were much less deep after a couple of weeks and now, after 4 weeks there's definitely a marked improvement, even my husband commented! I plan to add the moisturiser from the range to my routine once my existing one runs out and hopefully the results will be even faster!

beauteous® PureHelix Snail Renewal Cream

I have heard about various snail creams that have become popular and was curious about trying a New Zealand made product. Initially my first concern was the acne scars I'd had since I was a teenager (which is what made me want to try this cream).

I found it really hydrating and softening. I use it twice a day and am now on my second jar. I've definitely noticed an improvement in the "bumpiness" of the scars, although they are still visible, I can tell that the skin is a lot smoother. I was a little apprehensive about trying it, but it's not sticky or slimy at all and absorbs very quickly. Very happy!

beauteous® PlaGold Cream

I love this cream! I brought this cream at the airport because I was recommended it for my dry skin as the air-conditioning on the plane made it very itchy and flaky. It did work very well to make my skin soft and not dry. I have used it for about a week and my skin hasn't developed the flakes and redness it normally does!


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