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Natural Cotton Face Mask

Aloe Vera is a very popular herbal remedy and has been used in many traditional remedies throughout history. The hydrating and soothing properties of Aloe Vera benefit the skin in many ways and is particularly good for dry, dehydrated skin.New Zealand Bee Venom has mult...


Hand Cream

New Zealand Bee Venom is combined with Propolis and Niacinamide to give your hands an instant lift. Bee Venom encourages natural collagen production to continually improve the firmness of the delicate skin on the back of your hands.Harnessing the healing properties of M...


Face Cream

Bee Venom has multiple beneficial effects on the skin. It helps to support the skin’s own collagen production process in facial area improving elasticity, firmness, and signs of ageing.Formulated to moisturise and revitalise skin, Lanolin, Colostrum and Vitamin E fight ...


Organic Aloe Vera Harakeke Gel

Aloe Vera Gel and New Zealand’s native Harakeke are both known for their powerful healing properties. Rich in key nutrients, the transparent gels hydrate and moisturise the skin, while their cool soothing effect helps provide instant relief for skin irritations.


Vitamin Range Brochure

The beauteous  Super Berry Vitamin range is designed to enrich your skin with powerful vitamins and essential super berry extracts, Simply choose the product to best suit your needs and skin type... and enjoy a more even skin tone and a fresher complexion. Our beauteous...